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Kozy's Pizza has been a staple in the Barrington community since 1990. When the current owners, Matt and Curly Pickering bought the restaurant in 2014 they committed to serving great pizza with outstanding customer service. The team makes the pizza dough from scratch and shreds the cheese every day because they believe fresh ingredients make the best-tasting pizza.

In 2017 Matt and Curly out of a love of craft beer decided to expand the business and add a pub and full-service dining to the restaurant. Since then the pub has been a hot spot for great craft beer and food. In 2020 Matt and Curly yet again decided to expand the business and add a 3.5bbl brew house in the basement of the restaurant and run the draft lines directly from the serving tanks into the pub. In the pub, the full selection of Topwater Brewing Co is available as well as 4 packs to go. The kitchen is still putting out the great tasting food and outstanding customer service our community is used to.