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   In 2020, we decided to transform our established bar and pizza restaurant into a small batch brewery. The idea was to create a place where families and friends are welcome to enjoy some great food and drink from our wide selection of skillfully brewed beers.

   With barn board walls, live edge bar tops, and re purposed license plate lighting fixtures you'll find traces of our brewery motto “keep life simple” throughout our pub. You'll also find a wide selection of approachable beers from traditional stouts, porters, and brown ales to Hazy New England IPAs and a growing sour ale offering. Each batch is brewed directly under the pub in our 3.5bbl brew house. Our brewer, Chuck, prides himself on his ability to create beers of all styles. From the brew house, he strives to provide a list of beers that will include something for everyone.

    We have slowly started to grow our brewery and can now be found on tap in select bars in the area. We hope demand for our beer grows organically and to soon be found throughout the state. Check out the 'Beer Locator' section of this site to see if you can find us near you.